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Arizona Conference teen evangelists left every night to their churches with eager anticipation for what God was going to do at their meetings that night.                        


All too soon, the last day of the meetings arrived. Staff and students alike experienced swirling emotions of excitement and deep sadness. 



The cases were packed for the last time with their laptops, computers, water bottles, and Bibles.




The last sermon was preached.


But how do you say goodbye to the beautiful children at your site?    


How do you say goodbye to your translator who has worked so hard with you every night?




How do you say goodbye to all your newly baptized friends, and all those suppotive church members? 


They aren't just your friends...they are your brothers...


..and sisters.


It's hard to be happy when you are saying goodbye....


...but all those sermons were worth it! Your family has expanded...and you can't wait to meet them all again in heaven one day very soon!

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