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As the meetings progressed, there were a lot of serious thoughts going through the students' and adult sponsors' minds. This was serious. People were about to make decisions that would affect where they would spend eternity. Would the American preachers, ever meet their Panamanian friends again?











Heart-felt prayers were offered. These Panamanians weren't just people in their audience, they were their brothers and sisters in Jesus! Heaven wouldn't be heaven without them! Around the hotel, little prayer groups were often seen as students prayed with each other about the people who were coming to their meetings but who, had not yet made a decision for Jesus!










People who had burdens on their hearts, approached the student preachers and asked for prayer for the problems they were facing.












They preached their hearts out, making direct appeals to each and every listener. 













Alter calls were made and people streamed forward, some openingly crying.















Later, the student evangelists and all of heaven rejoinced over precious people who were reclaimed for the Kingdom of Heaven!

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