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Young Evangelists in Panama























Kids, some as young as 14 and others already Seniors in Academy, would make any parent or teacher proud. They were probably the most professional looking group I have seen. They took their new role as evangelists seriously.












The first night they came in from preaching, a pastor came into the lobby of the hotel. He said, "I am so impressed with these kids! The one preaching at my church had alot of computer difficulties as somehow the computer and projector just didn't want to talk to each other. However, that didn't bother this first-time preacher. He calmly got out his notes and began to preach. While the translator translated, he would take that opportunity to keep working on the computer and what do you know, it worked about 10 slides into the presentation. Where do you find "unflappable" kids? A new graduate from theology would have been nervous!"



Another pastor informed us that after the first few seconds of the sermon they realized they were missing a golden opportunity, so taking out the church's video camera they began to film the sermon. The plan is to put these sermons done by an Arizona teen, on the local TV network in the near future. Only God could give that type of calm professionalism to such young preachers. You see, God doesn't ask us how old we are, but simply, 'can I use you to reach my children?' He is just waiting to use every person, young and young at heart to give this incredible message to a dying world.

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